Why the phrases “toxic masculinity” “fragile masculinity” and “incel” are nothing more than ad hominems

There are many phrases used incorrectly. Among those is “toxic masculinity” “fragile masculinity” and “incel”. In this take/article I’ll tell you why the phrases “toxic masculinity” “Fragile masculinity” and “incel” needs to stop being used to attack males.

My reaction when somebody uses the phrases “toxic masculinity” “fragile masculinity” and “incel” to belittle men.
My reaction when somebody uses the phrases “toxic masculinity” “fragile masculinity” and “incel” to belittle men.

1. Toxic masculinity originally meant something different:

Ironically the phrase “toxic masculinity” was not coined by the feminists, it was actually coined by the Mythopoetic men’s movement. The original intentions of the phrase “toxic masculinity” was to be used as a basis of self improvement for men, not to attack masculinity. The feminists and radical liberals alike merely took the phrase and distorted the original meaning in order to suit their own agenda of subjugating men. Nowadays, “toxic masculinity” is used by 4th wave feminists to shame strong, brave, charismatic and overall any impressive feats accomplished by men.

Why the phrases “toxic masculinity” “fragile masculinity” and “incel” are nothing more than ad hominems

2. Biology not sociology:

The 4th wave feminists are so adamant on promoting pseudoscientific ideas like “redefining” masculinity. But fail to understand that biology plays a major role in masculinity based on the fact that there are around 6,500 genetic differences between males and females. From obvious traits like body structure, to smaller traits like skin and hair texture, to traits that can’t be seen with the naked eye like susceptibility to certain Illnesses and injuries. But the main biological difference is that males naturally have more testosterone than women which means that...

1.) Men naturally have more muscle mass

2.) men have denser bones

3.) Men have deeper voices

4.) men have more body hair

5.) men have a higher sex drive than women

6.) Testosterone allowed males to develop the male reproductive system

7.) Males are the sex that can impregnate, which means that we are much more visual than women when it comes to attraction.

Why the phrases “toxic masculinity” “fragile masculinity” and “incel” are nothing more than ad hominems

3. Hypocrisy of 4th wave feminism and the radical liberals:

The whole misuse of the concept behind “toxic masculinity” is based on the hypocrisy of 4th wave feminism, an ideology that claims to be “pro freedom” and preaches against totalitarianism yet ironically practices Proto totalitarianism itself by trying to add restrictions on what can be said, shown and promoted in public or in the media. All while forcing their own agenda onto people. To get to the point, the way 4th wave feminism uses the phrase “toxic masculinity” can be described as being very totalitarian in nature since it aims at forcing men to be more submissive, weak and foppish.

Why the phrases “toxic masculinity” “fragile masculinity” and “incel” are nothing more than ad hominems

4. ”Fragile masculinity” an ad hominem against males who refuse to conform:

Whenever a guy criticizes 4th wave masculinity, he’ll be accused of having “fragile masculinity” and he’ll also be called a “misogynist”. Because of the false dichotomy used by the 4th wave feminists “you’re either with us or against us”. When in reality most men who criticize 4th wave feminism still love women but they are simply pointing out flaws in an ideology that doesn’t practice what it preaches. While the phrase “fragile masculinity” is meant to be condescending towards the men who criticize 4th wave feminism.

Founder of “A voice for men”
Founder of “A voice for men”

5. Used to silence valid points:

Whenever a man speaks his mind and pokes holes in 4th wave feminism, instead of trying to make a good counter argument, they’ll accuse the man of having “fragile masculinity”, yet another pseudoscientific ad hominem meant to shame men who speak out against 4th wave feminism. It’s passive aggressive censorship.

Why the phrases “toxic masculinity” “fragile masculinity” and “incel” are nothing more than ad hominems

6. “Incel” a new ad hominem is born:

A new type of ad hominem used primarily by sycophantic male feminists to insult non feminist men. This is a portmanteau of “involuntarily celibate” It’s a stupid hasty generalization and ad hominem that questions a man’s ability to find a partner.

Take it easy with the soy, will you.
Take it easy with the soy, will you.

7. Incel this, incel that:

I lost count of how often I heard this insult thrown around on the internet. Criticize 4th wave feminism or radical liberalism in any way and you’ll most likely get called a “incel” by some meat head that can’t argue with you using logic.

8. Closing:

Never apologize for being a masculine man. Always embrace your masculinity. Do not bow to misandrist false idols, do not conform to the proto totalitarian tactics used by the 4th wave feminists and radical liberals. And if your masculinity comes under attack, ask...

1.) Is it toxic to be strong in all ways?

2.) is it toxic to be protective fathers, husbands and sons?

3.) Is it toxic to demand fair treatment?

4.)Is it toxic to call out injustices?

5.) Is it toxic to want to strive to be the very best you can be?

6.) Is it toxic to lead?

7.) is it toxic to have fun?

8.) Is it toxic to like competition?

9.)Is it toxic to be versatile?

10.) Is it toxic to learn how to defend yourself?

11.) Is it toxic to want to be free?

The answer to those rhetorical questions is that there is nothing wrong with any of that. In fact they are all positive traits that all men should have.

Why the phrases “toxic masculinity” “fragile masculinity” and “incel” are nothing more than ad hominems

For the record, I’m not a misogynist. I may criticize 4th wave feminism but criticizing feminism is not the same thing as misogyny. There are many women I respect and love. I believe in true freedom and being morally just which means calling out misinformation and injustices. I don’t believe in forcing people to conform, I believe in letting people be who they want to be as long as they aren’t causing physical harm to other people.

Why the phrases “toxic masculinity” “fragile masculinity” and “incel” are nothing more than ad hominems
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  • DWD94

    Women/feminists shame men regardless of what men do. Even if you aren't an incel, they will say things to you like "I bet you have a tiny penis" or "No woman will ever like you, creep". It's a form of shaming language that seeks to shame men for questioning feminist groupthink or as a result of a man having the audacity to act outside of the status quo. Its an attempt to attack a man's ego by trying to attach the man's worth to his sexual prowess.

    Awhile back, I got called an 'incel' on a post on facebook simply because I disagreed with the girl. It was a status about how she was concerned with all the jokes that get made about how guys refer to their wife's as 'the ball n chain'.
    I simply said "Well its kinda true, marriage is pretty much the end of a guy's freedom. I've seen so many men that can't do so much as take a shit without consulting their wife. Plus what's the incentive to marriage anyway? Why buy the cow when the milk is free?"
    Then as more people responded to my comment, the original poster said "Ignore the incel guys, dont feed him". I responded by saying "Incel? Do you honestly think shaming tactics work on me? You realize I've been dating someone for awhile now right? There's a difference between incels vs men that just refuse to put up with women's shit"

    After that another woman replied saying "Oh so you're not an incel, you're just an asshole then. Got it"

    At that point, I just lol'd and left.

    • I agree with your argument with the exception of your opening statement, as "women" implies this is a universal trait shared by all women. Many women are smart enough/ intuitive enough to have a deep understanding of men's value in the world, as potential partners, and as members of productive society. The "beta shaming" is unfortunately a very real-- and very old-- behaviour, and if we're gonna accept the term "toxic masculinity", then it's only fair to include this behaviour as a branch of "toxic femininity". But this behaviour certainly doesn't represent all women, and many actually come to men's defense when made the subjects of unfair scrutiny and shaming.

    • DWD94


      ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Most of the time I've gotten shamed, its been by other women as well as feminists.

    • I'm not disagreeing that women are more likely to shame men than other men. I think that's pretty self evident. But that doesn't mean *all* women do it, which was my original contention. Agree on all other counts though.

  • Of course they are ad hominems. Just like soyboy, beta cuck and liberal have become ad hominems.

    We also need to acknowledge (and some educators have) that the same traits commonly associated with toxic masculinity aren't inherently good or bad but can expressed in both positive and toxic ways. It's the individual man and how he channels those traits that matters.

    • ADFSDF1996

      The difference is that when people use the words “white knight” “beta c*ck” and “soy boy”, the person receiving those ad hominems usually threw the first punch.

      “Toxic masculinity” as used by the 4th wave feminists, is nothing more than a fictional boogeyman they created by perverting it’s original meaning. Toxic traits aren’t unique to one sex, they are shared by certain individuals of both sexes.

Most Helpful Girls

  • brokenheartgirl

    I agree with you 100%.
    Some so-called feminists use these kinds of phrases to get attention.
    In reality, they are desperate for men's attention but somehow don't get it so they become like this.

    All men are raised by women then how men are responsible for everything bad?

    Recently, I try to be logical with a user here called @shehzadi in the comments section of an article she wrote about how society has dehumanized men. But she was extremely frustrated and blamed a whole country for not letting her be in a bikini.

    Men protect woman because they care.
    They want them to be safe and happy.

    I have seen toxicity - and its not gender thing.
    I request all feminist women.. please find something else to do with your life, rather than just blaming men.

    • GraveDoll

      your respond makes soooo little sense I could break it with a toothpick with five sentences.

      And im, not even a feminist. I just hate cherry picking and the likes. Your logic is faulty. When you brought mothers into it as if it just women doing the child raising

      YOU killed it. You literally pointed the fingers at one gender. even with that one line, it didn't save it.

  • Lilypad1223

    I agree with most of what you said, but incels are a very real thing. You aren’t an incel for criticizing feminism. An incel is someone who truly believes that women are nothing but sex objects and they have incredibly worrisome views on how you can treat women. Look into Elliot Rodger or spend any amount of time on r/braincels. I’ve done both and it isn’t pretty.

    • Also when did we enter the fourth wave? Am I out of the loop? I thought we were still poking holes in 3rd wave.

    • ADFSDF1996

      4th wave started when social media became the norm around 2008-2010.

    • I thought that was third

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What Girls & Guys Said

  • MlleCake

    We're witnesses.

    • always using children for political purposes, a hallmark of liberal propaganda.

    • MlleCake

      Die mad.

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  • Excellent analysis, excellent discussion!

  • Feminism is full of misinformation

  • MzAsh

    Men “ back in the day” practiced an ungodly amount of deceit, abuse, infidelity, and narcissism. That’s what is toxic.

    That’s what’s under attack, as it should be... regardless of what it’s called.

    • MzAsh

      Oh and I forgot to mention they had entirely too much control over women and society.

    • ADFSDF1996

      Deceit, abuse, infidelity and narcissism aren’t unique to men.

    • MzAsh

      Of course, but it used to be much more acceptable for men.

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  • Kas19

    This could have been really educational and informative had you used examples and explain HOW feminists or misandrists do these things. Like, I'm confused on what feminists consider toxic. Because I haven't heard anyone complain about any of the things you listed.

    • Inbox

      Just go to CNN. com or listen to Democratic leaders (NOT a political statement, just pure observations).

  • alvincasey

    You say this as you use the term "ad hominem" incorrectly. "Ad hominem is an adjective or sometimes an adverb. You errantly use it as a noun.
    Incel is not just a term used by others as a put down. You guys are the ones that invented the term and originally called yourselves that. Everyone knows you don't get laid, and everyone besides you knows why. Just because someone "calls a duck a duck" doesn't mean they support feminism in any way.
    Tell us how masculine you incels feel jerking off alone.

    • ADFSDF1996

      Typical white knight making hasty generalizations.

    • ADFSDF1996

      @alvincasey And for your information an ad hominem is an insult.

    • DWD94

      "You say this as you use the term "ad hominem" incorrectly. "Ad hominem is an adjective or sometimes an adverb. You errantly use it as a noun."

      Wrong. An ad hominem is not restricted to only the use of adjectives or adverbs. An ad hominem is when you attack the person's character instead of the argument, which is what feminists do when they blindly label a man as an 'incel' because he disagreed with him. Nowhere in the definition of ad hominem does it require to be used as an adverb or adjective.

      You should put a helmet on top of your snapback to prevent your brain from leaking any further.

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  • puzzlez

    I feel like as a woman who supports masculine men but is against toxic masculinity, I should point out... your argument is hard to follow. You lost me a few sentences in when you started ranting about feminism. And I think you're misconstruing what "toxic masculinity" means.

    I do agree that some people like to throw the term around liberally, often in anger to insult a man. However, toxic masculinity is not intended to make a man ASHAMED of being masculine. Rather, it points out the fact that some men become too obsessed with what it means to "be" masculine. Eg: Men dont shave their legs - people who do, like pro swimmers, aren't 'manly.' Men dont play house as boys because play-acting how to run a household is for girls to do. Men can't be fashion designers because that's about 'being pretty' which is a 'feminine' occupation.

    Those examples came from things I've heard my students and their parents say (I am a high school teacher) and are not far-fetched examples.

    There is nothing wrong with having a beard, hairy arms, a deep voice, or anything else that a man believes to fall under the category of 'masculinity.' Just as there is nothing wrong with a man not liking to have hairy arms, a beard, etc. Personal choice of one's life =/= how 'masculine' a man is.

    I definitely agree that masculinity is dictated by biology, but sociology (the environment one is raised in) definitely feeds into it. A teenage boy takes an interest in fashion designing after taking home-ec and realizes he likes making clothing, something he's never had an opportunity to do in a household with a father who has strict ideals of what being 'masculine' means. That teenage boy was effected by sociology, and since his father believes sewing to be womans work, one could argue that sociology affected the teenage boys masculinity (or so his father might argue). His father would be exhibiting toxic masculinity - "you are not masculine as a man *should be*."

    That being said, I dont believe that hobbies or interests make a man any less 'masculine'. I dont think there's anything wrong with being 'masculine'. in my opinion, the issue begins when men push what they believe to be 'masculine' on other men because they're not satisfied with what they see in other men -- when honestly, it's not your life to judge.

    • Disagree. If you have a son and you really care about him, don't you want him to find a good wife and have an easy time of it? Women as a whole do not like feminine men. You would let your kid do something to screw up their value to a family? Its just wrong. I would want my son to be masculine in business, relationships and life because that is overall what would be in his best interests. Once he is an adult he's free to do whatever he wants but as a minor there is no way id let my so be involved in fashion design or allow him to shave his legs. Thats how you attract a boyfriend! Lmao.

    • Kaytiee

      @bamesjond0069 Masculine men are not made my manipulating their ways as they grow. Masculine men will be masculine as far as I'm concerned if you have to take extra steps to be masculine, you're already not masculine.

      Who said we want our boys to be feminine? No one Is saying that, stop being irrational and assuming everything, females may prefer a more masculine man statistics wise but will a feminine man also find a wife? Yes.

    • @Kaytiee feminine men usually get bad wives and he would be stuck with that. Ugh. Id never want that for my kids. Same in reverse, what kind of men want manly wives, not any good ones thats for sure.

  • AlienParasite

    Mhhh I agree to some extent?
    Many people use those terms just as ad hominem, but still they have a meaning or I understand a meaning despite their bad use.

    Toxic masculinity = Person with toxic psychological traits, that is also a man

    Fragile masculinity = Men that don't feel masculine enaugh, with low self esteem. Nothing to mock or laugh at.

    Incel = Involuntary Celibate. Person (man or woman) who wants to have sex but aren't able to get in any sexual activity. Curious data, first incel called so was a woman who created incel community for emotional support. Then the term became negative when incel forums got full of guys who hated and desired woman with almost same intensity. Still I don't think laughing at someone for not being able to get a sexual partner is ok, it could only increase a bitter behavior.

    About how feminism use it, I've seen feminist use the three, BUT I've perfectly seen not feminists using the last two, specially incel is used by anyone. Also feels weird to try to always define a whole movement, as I know some girl who call themselves feminists and not all practice or believe the same ideas about feminism.

    • I actually looked up the Mythopoetic men's movement and it states the avoidance of toxic masculinity on immature males.
      "In the mythopoetic movement, the desire to be spiritual and yet manly is also a factor in the way the group understands the nature of gender and relationships between the sexes. The mythopoetic movement tends to regard gender as biological realities, "hardwired" into the psyches of men and women. This gender essentialism is consistent with the Jungian philosophy undergirding the movement. Mythopoetic men thus speak of the need to recover "deep masculinity," to distinguish what they regard as genuine or mature masculinity from the problematic toxic masculinity of immature males.[8]"


      Toxic masculinity is not used in the same manner it has been used.

  • RolandCuthbert

    I have no idea about this toxic masculinity. But I do have my ideas about what is or is not masculine. And unlike so many guys here, I really do not care what feminists think about masculinity. Women really bad at deciding what is or is not masculine. I mean, they do the feminine thing.
    1.) Never met a man who was strong in all ways. It is rather silly to think that actually.

    2.) It is masculine to protect and defend those who cannot protect/defend themselves. It is rather silly to do it for a woman who does not want it. Find someone else to date.

    3.) Of course not. But if you can't call it out for other people why whine when people refuse to call it out for you or yours?

    4.) Ditto.

    5.) That's masculine. . . that's being a man.

    6.) Same.

    7.) Well, I have to admit. It was fun being young and running into another male at about 30 miles per hour. But I don't think that's toxic. That's just a great time!

    8.) Same.

    9.) What?

    10.) Of course not.

    11.) What does that even mean?

    I find your comment on incels to be hilarious. As though these men did not label themselves. They use the term, they say they are "involuntarily celibate". They enumerated their issues with women and with guys like me who have no issues dating and having romantic relationships with women. They are the ones who blame everyone else for their lack of success with dating or even being social. And someone has convinced them that their problems are all the fault of liberals, women, feminism, etc.

    Then on top of that, they think their whining is the epitome of being masculine.

    Hmmm. . . I wonder who gave them that idea?

    Is an INCEL'S lack of romantic success their fault or the fault of something else? ↗

  • Xoxocutekitty

    Interesting take! I've never heard of the term incel but as someone who has been relatively educated in the 3/4th wave feminism and logical fallacies, I do see how these phrases around masculinity are ad hominems. I've never considered this, so thank you. In regards to your conclusion, I will try to push back on a couple of points, not so much to dismiss the hypocrisy of the movement, but to diffuse the expectations of fairness surrounding it's injustice.
    1) Consider a vacation to a distant land where the currency of your (dollar I assume) is more than the local currency. Perhaps its not that much. Let's compare USD to CAN. When you shop for something, say a coat, with your USD in Canada, often times, the cost is less for you (due to currency exchange) as and because of existing relations, your USD is accepted at the local vendor. Consider the opposite. A Canadian walks into a shop in new York. The cost of buying the same coat is respectively more expensive, and your Canadian money will not be accepted, and is often ridiculed in the process. Currency is currency, but it favors one side, and there are more finite restrictions on the other. In certain aspects (not all), this is what being a women is like. Where you may be given more or less money begin with, and there are always women rich enough to bypass the barriers of the common price, but there are more restrictions on how your money is fairly exchanged. The feminist movement has started to question examples of undue "social taxes" or restrictions or behaviors towards women that are not fair. But it is within the general audience to either listen, act upon, or dismiss these claims. The movement is mostly spearheaded by young individuals- individuals without the same claim to power or authority or the language to properly explain not just how something is not fair, but the solution to fix it. In fact, no one knows the solution yet. As a society, one can choose to give merit to the claims something is not equal, but continue to offer a solution for the disadvantaged party, instead of discussing how a solution comes at the direct expense of the pre-existing system (ie. masculinity).

  • No, i think "toxic masculinity" means when an insecure little man, who isn't actually masculine, over compensates for his insecurities by treating people badly and being a prick, just to make himself feel better, aka, lad culture.

    • ADFSDF1996

      @KezHarris There is nothing wrong with being short.

    • Then why not call it what it is: "insecure jerks"? Using a broad pejorative like "toxic masculinity" to describe a narrowly defined phenomenon (male overcompensating behaviours) sets you up to be misunderstood in your intentions, and makes it seem like you're over-reaching in the targets of your critique. The problem with "toxic masculinity" as a term is that the goalposts for its definition can keep changing in accordance with the implicit aims of the people using it. So you end up with 4th wave feminist misandrists crying "toxic masculinity" at any perceived male behaviour they decide doesn't fit their narrative. In my experience most people using "toxic masculinity" are using it as a dog-whistle term to attack masculine behaviour as a whole-- a position no doubt deriving from the misandrists'' assault on 'hetero-normative' values. Then they deflect, when questioned, by once again shifting the goalposts of the term's definition. One day it means "insecure men who act like jerks", the next day it means "telling boys to man up", the next day it means "raising boys to be boys rather than feminising them". It never ends, because the term actually means nothing, and therefore can be twisted to mean anything.

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  • AuroraRoseat

    Similar to how the Nazi symbol was a symbol for another religion--it takes on different meanings for different groups. I don't see how something "toxic" can be seen as self-improvement though. Interesting diction.

    Also, toxic masculinity (as it pertains to feminism) is speaking about forcing men to live up to unjust and unfair ideals in which they might not desire. It doesn't matter if men have denser bones or more muscle mass--if they don't want work out, there shouldn't be an unjust expectation to force them nor should the be demeaned for it. That is the point. If a man wants to abide by toxic ideals that demean his sex, that is his choice. But there are many men who don't want to live by cultural norms that can be detrimental. That should be a choice as well. Instead, he is shamed by both men and women for desiring to be different.

    It sounds like you're talking out of ignorance.

    • ADFSDF1996

      You just proved my point. The Nazis gave the swastika a bad name in the same way the feminists have the phrase “toxic masculinity” a bad name. Who exactly do you think you are in determining what a man should or shouldn’t do. If a man wants to get muscular then so be it, it’s none of your business.

    • I didn't prove your point. What I said--and what you should have comprehended--is that multiple ideologies use similar words in different contexts.

      When did I say that I should determine what a man should/not do? I said that was up to the men and that no man should be demeaned for doing something or not abiding by something that he has no desire to.

      You clearly didn't read or comprehend what I've said. You don't have a point--what you have is ignorance.

    • *similar words/symbols

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  • HungLikeAHorsefly

    When you say "Nowadays, 'toxic masculinity' is used by 4th wave feminists to shame strong, brave, charismatic and overall any impressive feats accomplished by men", I wonder what impressive feats you think 4th wave Feminists are shaming.

    Despite knowing a lot of Feminists and living in an area with a very high density of Feminists, I've never heard anyone use the phrase "toxic masculinity" the way you think they do.

    I guess what I'm trying to say is this: the title of your Take leads one to believe you understand argumentative fallacies like Ad Hominem. Yet, what you've said is largely a mixture of both Genetic and Straw Man fallacies.

    • ADFSDF1996

      There you go again with your personal biases and usage of cherry picking. Just because the feminists you encountered never used this phrase doesn’t mean others haven’t.

    • The same goes for you. You're generalizing entire groups of people based on your own personal experience. Or, worse, on things you've heard.

      Unless, that is, you can actually substantiate some of the things you've said. Like, what masculine traits is it that you think Feminists label as "toxic", but aren't? Can you give an example of when Feminists have claimed something other than the fact that there are genetic differences between men and women? What "valid points" are being silenced?

    • ADFSDF1996

      Ah the irony, wasn’t it you whole labeled all conservatives as “Proto fascists”?

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  • Kaytiee

    Why are you generalising and saying on feminists use it? I use it, yet I stand against feminists and am very supportive of mens problems instead. It may have been coined for a different reason, and that's fine but it doesn't mean you saying that It used to be something else will change a thing.

    Because, over the years many many words have been taken and changed, like queer used to mean weird.. unusual now It stands for LGBTQ?

    Toxic masculinity Is just something used to describe, end of story it only becomes a Hominem when someone uses it as a hominem.

    You're the one who chooses to give power to the word or not.

    • ADFSDF1996

      If you you use this word, then chances are you don’t care about men’s problems. Why do you use the phrase “toxic masculinity”?

    • Kaytiee

      I do not use the word very often, I'd have to think hard of when I last used It. Although I use it when a man takes extra steps to be masculine, It's 1 harmful for a man to be contionously changing himself, but most importantly I believe If you have to take extra steps to be masculine you simply aren't already, but no I do not use it often.

    • ADFSDF1996

      It’s also harmful to force effeminacy onto men.

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  • SkipStop

    Great piece. I'm like a professional at arguing and winning against feminists. They are too predictable. I'm always two steps ahead because I already know what they're gonna say. The only form. of defense feminists and liberals have is name-calling. They have no argument so they try to shame us by calling us names. It's so pathetic. I am a strong critic of feminism and that does not make me an incel, misogynist, racist, bigot, white nationalist, far right, etc. I use basic common sense.

  • englisc

    This is just what a lot of women seem to do. While they complain about fat-shaming, slut-shaming, any kind of shaming used against women, they shame men all the time. That's all this is, shaming language, usually used by lazy people who have no real argument. It's all they have. It's best to simply see it for what it is and ignore it.

  • StupidIntellect

    Love this take! You’re a very intelligent man, anyone who is offended by this must be a feminist.

  • monkeynutts

    Your very articulate, I don't think anyone could call you a misogynist.
    I just started reading a book by Joanna Manning, called take back the truth. It's a political criticism on the Catholic church and fundamentalist Christian movement s. I had to put it down because it was so over laden with marxist and feminist rhetoric, she destroyed any valid arguments she had to make.

  • GraveDoll

    Where do these lables come from.

    not once have any of my female OR male friends came at me talking this silly ying yang.

    I didn't even know this words existed till I joined this site. I also dont have not one female friend that a femist or male friend who complains about half the dumb shit on here.

    so take heart very few people care as much as you think.

  • Massageman

    Thank you, I agree.

    Society seems content to plod along, portraying the guy as always the attacker, always the aggressor, the father as the flubbering boob who can't change a diaper, etc.

    People need to separate the people from the actions. Deal with the actions and not spend time with the name- calling for the people. Love the people, hate the sin.

  • HereIbe

    Um, about the whole attempt to denounce "fragile masculinity" you made.

    I have bad news for you, sonny-boy.

    It could be used as an example of "fragile masculinity".

    Quit whining and man up. Some bitch throws around "toxic masculinity" or some other term to shut you up? WHO THE FUCK CARES? She's just some stupid bitch, after all. SHE DOES NOT MATTER. Man up, buttercup.

  • sp33d

    "you’ll most likely get called a “incel” by some meat head that can’t argue with you using logic"

    Logically speaking, resorting to ad hominems immediately makes the argument illogical, but being logical is not the goal of someone who wants to attack You, particularly.

    As for the actual meanings of said expressions - I don't care. This masculine vs feminine bs forms its own small world which important (and consequential) only for those who really buy all that nonsense.

    From the premises alone, you demonstrated that (4th wave) feminism fails due to its own hypocrisy. Why then, is there such a commotion about it? Who gets paid to promote this stuff?

    • ADFSDF1996

      As I’ve told you before, if you are only going to act like a smart ass then don’t bother commenting. Pretending to have solid arguments isn’t the same as having solid arguments.

    • ADFSDF1996

      Wrong comment.

  • JustWorthlessMe

    Toxic Masculinity: an insecure asshole who bullies and threatens women and physically weaker males in an attempt to bolster his fragile sense of self... usually very loud. Tries very hard to be what he considers "Masculine" and very quick to attack anybody who disagrees with him in a suitably mature manner i. e. 75% of the "men" here (watch closely kids) and the President.

    Is it that hard to recognize?

    • @Justworthlessme

      Baseless assumptions at it’s finest. Only sycophants stay silent when injustices are being committed. Why the phrases “toxic masculinity” “fragile masculinity” and “incel” are nothing more than ad hominems

    • @JustWorthlessme

  • MackToday

    Behind the scenes it isn't even feminism it's communist subversion. Ever see them complain about "toxic masculinity" as practiced in Islam? It's all smoke and mirrors manipulation.

  • jeffnevrotski

    Actually the term toxic male describes how our fathers (born late 50's) didn't show daughters attention or approval in anything they did. Their job was to raise men. A daughter was raised to be a housewife and segregated to play house and with baby dolls they grew up thinking a relationship with a man was to do anything they can to get approval and were treated as if they didn't matter. So they have a lot of daddy issues. This is their way of blaming shit on men lol

  • Cait_Lyn

    I hate how feminism has become synonym for feminarcism. I consider myself a feminist. I do not hate men. I believe in the equality (not superiority) of women. Does that make me a bad person in your eyes?
    The way I understand it "toxic masculinity" is when society's expectations of "being a man" creates a harmful mentally - to both men and women. For example that men have to be "strong" in every sense, all the time. That men don't cry, that men can't be emotional or hurt. How is that fair to anybody?
    I do not wish to offend, but I cannot entirely agree with what OP is saying and it makes me sad to see how feminism is viewed.

    • You are a woman. Men do not experience emotions the same way you do. Men are meant to control their outward display of emotions, that's a functioning man. One who cries at inopportune times has something wrong with them. Lets flip the script, toxic femininity is women crying. Men don't go around crying all the time so therefore women shouldn't do that, its toxic for women to cry as often as they do.

  • No_Archons

    U are the man. Been called an incel anytime I disagree with the agenda, its hilarious. Almost makes me wanna waste some time and money fucking a few more sluts so the insult won't be effective but fuck that, I ain't given in, and I ain't exposin my cock to slut pussy ever again

  • anametouse

    I just call them what they are, misandrists, and go about my day. You can't reason with hatred. They are well aware that they are discriminating

  • Jimhflmn

    Clearly these are ad hominems and should not be used (the phrase is Latin for "Against the Man".) The people who use these words are low-level, low-I. Q. folks who cannot believe everyone isn't of the same mind as they. Feminists and Mgtow come to mind in regards to this.

  • UncleJessieRabbit

    98% of leftism has always been cruel lies at it's core.

  • Someguynamedbob

    All of those are just words used by feminists to de humanize men, make us look like raging raping monsters instead of humans, yes feminists hate men that much

  • GreatnessBack

    First you have to define ad hominem. I had to look it up. lol

    Second, you are right. There is nothing wrong with being masculine or feminine. Toxicity is gender neutral and 4th wave feminist are the most toxic people around.

  • CasaNorba

    cool article bro!

    in today's overly feminized and liberal controlled world this is makes it perfect survival guide.

  • Jan_Classic

    First these b1tches spoil the local white men. Then they import the black migrants due to they are more savage and have got b1gger d1cks. But when the amount of crimes go a little bit out of control, like mass shooting in Paris or truckageddoning crowd of tourists in Nice, their explanation is "Toxic masculinity" and "More gun control". No, you imported the radical psychopats, they will kill the gay (all) white males and rape their women like they normally do at home regardless the age. Nobody will be held accountable, nobody will be charged. The age of the white man has come to it's end.

  • ImaginativeDreamer

    Women can be incels too, I heard that the term "incel" was coined by a female who couldn't get a partner... she was probably very unattractive, I guess she should have become a nun :P

  • I know. It's disgraceful. I get volatile when i think about it and i have kicked up a fuss at Universities before for espousing it. Such restrictive, truly toxic cesspools nowadays.

  • bolverk

    Feminists can call me whatever they like, it will not change who and what I am.
    I am a single white man, one of those who the Intersectional/Identitarian Feminists hold responsible for all the ‘wrongs’ in the world, but will not engage in logical debate about those ‘wrongs’ as they have no factual solid data to back up their claims.
    So I will continue with my life unaffected by what they ‘think’, I will defend, help, and protect those that are in need but not force my views on any, unless I am asked to share them (this is something that Intersectional/Identitarian Feminists need to learn).
    Watch this video with Karen Straughan that bounces 'toxic masculinity' off 'toxic femininity'.

  • moviedude714

    it seems like women just have to exist and that's what makes them feminine and men have to know or learn all these different types of social behaviors or certain skill sets which makes them a man

  • Mantras

    Look up Jordan Peterson and Entrepreneurs in cars on YouTube.

    Us men should be men, not the soyboys society has made us from birth.

    • MzAsh

      Rich has a disturbing obsession with being against single mothers. He projects his own failed marriage and poor mating strategy and blames women.

    • MzAsh

      There are much better men to look up to. This is exactly the problem. Jordan is a manipulative narcissist. Come on.

    • @MzAsh

      Wait, you think J p is a manipulative narcissist? Please explain your pov, I'd actually like to hear

    • Show All
  • morrowlow

    i've been called an incel at least 3 or 4 times here on gag. it's weird because i don't usually criticize feminism. i guess these days anyone who disagrees with a feminist on any level is considered an incel. great take by the way. i feel the only reason feminism exists today is because so many women have nothing to do. they don't belong to anything so they become part of a movement that supposedly benefits them. these women need something to fight for otherwise their lives would feel empty and they would feel worthless. so when everything has been handed to them they have to make shit up. and if you look around you'll see that the most hardcore feminists are middle class white women in their late 20's and early 30's. not exactly the most victimized group!

  • It sucks, but shaming language has been used to manipulate or summarily dismiss people and their opinions for a long time.

  • Thatsamazing

    So... the problem here is that your premise is good and correct, and then instead of really addressing the why of it, you essentially just started ranting against "3rd-wave feminists" and "liberals" as though everything you're talking about is some type of weird quasi-conspiracy or something. Like, soy? Really? You're going to talk about the truth of science relating to how males are bigger and stronger and want sex more, but then ignore science and start ranting about soy? You just sound ridiculous, and that's a shame, because for a minute I thought you were really going to have something relevant to say.

  • NaultD

    Just change masculinity into your personal behavior. The good, the bad, and the ugly as your own personal creed, responsibility and standards. To say that is the only way or dodge responsibility as it's the only way to be is the stupid part.

    Sign your own name for your own actions and the accolades and consequences as your own. They can't be anything to say. You are who you want to be as much as anyone else. If you're an asshole, you're an asshole. You're a good guy, you're a good guy. If you want to change it's on you.

  • valentine74

    Im not sure if this conversation applies to a Canadian carpenter with a woman by my side no litter to follow us just an open road

  • esotericstory

    When feminists attack masculinity they adopt a strategy that's been historically far right wing. That strategy is to rally around a common enemy. Jews, gays, migrants, etc. For feminists its toxic masculinity. Whether its toxic masculinity or "international finance" like the nazis opposed, or whether its the Kulaks like the soviets opposed, it makes no difference. There is an attempt made to organize around an inconcrete common enemy, and the only salvation that can be achieved is achieved by getting rid of that enemy. That enemy is of course so inconcrete that its merely a rhetorical device used for centralizing political power by taking away the independent institutions which are required in a democratic society.

  • villageidiot

    Not too sure what it really means. Most girls are critical of guys for not being masculine enough

  • Confidenceoverload

    I don’t know what any of those words except masculinity and toxic mean

  • Swat_

    I honestly really don't care about this topic but damn the visual setup of this post looks nice!

  • Damiankane

    Good take when I was younger I used women like only feminine looking men but then realized they are more attracted to masculine men which confused me considered how much women had despised masculinity

    I think feminism was meant to stop abuse of women and empower women through motivation rather than through misandry.

    But as you know the coming generation is becoming dumber and dumber both the men and women. This often leads to misinterpretation

    The misandrist women talk shit about men and Incels read about this shut

    Incels are actually are ok looking but they put the blame on women rather than their lack of confidence and thus end up being sexist like elliot roger

    And then simple minded women take notice of these men and starts a misandrist movement against all men rather than the incels.

    Frankly both men and women are making the situations worse for themselves.

    Men are becoming more weak and hateful while the women are becoming spoiled and also hateful

  • DDpsy

    U a fragile toxic male incel.