Women’s march is this weekend, what is your opinion?

Also, what are they protesting this time?

www.yahoo.com/.../...675--abc-news-topstories.htmlWomen’s march is this weekend, what is your opinion?Women’s march is this weekend, what is your opinion?
Thanks to ALL the women
Who see how ridiculous this march has been
And how bad it makes women look.
And know that feminism only stands for hate and women’s self destruction.


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  • It seems, to me, that they are marching for privileges, instead of rights.

    In countries where men and women are equal, in essence, the Women's March is a waste of the participants' time.

    • Female MHO here

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  • yawn

  • Personally I would be embarrassed if anyone know had I gone. I am the type of person that I don't like to fit in the mold that society expects. I had several FB friends either going or rambling. I think women will get further in soceity if they stop playing the damsel-in-distress. Frankly I feel sorry for men in this current day and age.

    • "Doesnt like to fit the mold society expects."
      I think we've become a society that expects other to not fit the mold. Take the march for example. I bet they all have the exaxt same mindset as you when it comes to going against the grain.

    • Most people just follow, u know how it is.

    • “Stop playing the damsel in distress”

      These people need to just go out and get what they want, not stop, give up and go “oh it’s because I’m a woman”

  • For me, I totally disagree with everything they’re marching for. I am in no way a feminist and believe this is so stupid. A bunch of women marching around, most of them embarrassing theirselves, to do what? “Protesting” like this isn’t going to do anything. I thought this was a one time thing when Trump was elected... guess not

    • what is 'everything' they are marching for?

    • Feminists these days are protesting and becoming extreme. They want to be treated “greater than men” and that’s not gonna happen. Men and women are created differently for a REASON, there are some things men are just better at. The women at these marches are absolutely crazy, embarrassing theirselves and marching for something that’s not going to change anytime soon.

  • Carry signs that are about vagina because apparently all women have vaginas. Women’s marches are great for trans and queer rights and PWD and POC rights. A bunch of White Feminists™️ marching around because men sitting with their legs spread is entitlement is ridiculous. That’s how I feel, not that the march was entirely that.

    • All women do have vaginas...

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    • @Charleslvajr I know, but it doesn't really matter.

  • Viva la pussy!!!

    For what reason? Who cares? Only women that take themselves too seriously and men that want their nudity without a purpose. lol! :p

  • Now I think the private parts/ going naked is very unessesary. That’s the wrong kind of attention to scream look at me! Okay we know girls got different body parts then dudes. Half do for right reasons and the other half just want privileges. But hey how about human rights? 🤭both sides? Sure maybe not the same problems but still both have problems in different ways. That’s what we should focus on. HUMANS YO!

  • Honestly feminism has been tarnished. We used to fight for things that really mattered. And now all we hear about is mansplaining and manspreading. And apparently about a huge pay Gap that doesn't exist. The only reason feminists continue to make things up to complain about is because they're lacking resources and funds.

    • As far as I can remember the pay gap mythos has been part of feminism and isn't new. I agree with your statements.

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    • Just a fun fact about the wage gap: The german institute for statistiks (Bundestatistiksamt) took a look at the wage gap in germany last year and they found out that it wasn't 21% as the Feminists said, but was lower than 6%, they lacked data about a few things which would have lowered it further.

    • Yeah. That upset them in Germany. But in the US the gap had been illegal for awhile now.

  • They don't have any work to do, thats why they're doing this... and in the picture you posted... the banners don't make any sense

    • They complaint while most people are working

  • It's women like this that makes me so ashamed to be one myself.

    • U are not a feminist?

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    • Well, they’re names, but it shows you support equal respect for everyone.

    • U shouldn't be ashamed. Ur a reasonable person that's y u should be proud

  • I have no idea what those liberals are protestesting

  • I didn't know the woman march was this weekend, and my friends and I went to the city.
    worst surprise of my life lol

    • Must have been historic

  • Little girls COMPETE with each other... Women EMPOWER each other!

    Never be afraid to raise your voice for honesty and truth and compassion against injustice and lying and greed. If people all over the world... would do this, it would change the earth.

    -William Faulkner

    • You talk as if the world was created yesterday

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    • Looks like the women thumbed you down 😂😂

    • Little Girls compete with each other... Women empower each other! Still you’re proving my point 💁‍♀️ thank you 😊

  • In my eyes these women have nothing to do with womenhood or femininity.. those 3rd wave feminists are nothing more than pussy flaunting (at least those who were born female) embaressments trying to cover up that they feel like ugly ducklings

  • What is the point? What are they fighting and what solution is there?

    • I dont know...

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    • Don't forget truth. And I've been asking myself the same question.

    • And I saw a sign saying, "The wage gap cost me $20,000 this year." I think it's mainly an extremely left or progressive social justice warrior meeting.

  • Men and women were ment to be equal. Then the balance was disturbed for thousands of years. Before it can be restored, all must understand and all must forgive. This won't happen just yet, no, it won't happen for many years to come. And that's fine. We're still heading there.

    • Do u think we’ll see balance in our lifetime?
      It seems to get worst every year. I wonder what will bring balance to both.

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    • I meant it more on a general note, which is what I thought you are refering to. It sure sounded that way. In question of genders, all of us need to respect both without the need to define one as superior. Respect the qualities of both through all their differences. Balance. Inner and throughout. Unless it's in each and every one of us, it cannot manifest itself on society. Tolerate something means you allow it's existence without interfering though you dislike it or disagree with it. And it does not vary. Is it still the word you really wanted to use? While there is mere tolerance for genders, nothing will really change for better. Now, did you understand what I meant in my original comment? And did I suggest somewhere I am gender supremacist as you felt the need to question me on this matter?

    • I do not question you thinking you by thinking that you were agender supremacist. I questioned you to see if you actually knew what you were talking about. Many times I see the idea of feminism come up but people don't know exactly what they're talking about they're just spewing out so they may heard online. I was trying to see if you actually knew what you were talking about and we're very smart about this topic. As for tolerate, I do believe sometimes that there are people you cannot like or respect in it you just have to tolerate

  • Peaceful protest is a right. Some participants take it a little far, but if a group of people wants change then they should speak up. I think that’s very important.

    • You literally asked “what’s your opinion?” That’s not overly specific. This is my opinion.

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    • To be fair, it was an inconsiderate and kind of dumb comment which achieved absolutely nothing positive for anyone involved. That being said, I did not report it, and I’m kind of surprised that it was actually removed.

    • You are a really nice person, I dont agree with u on everything but I love hearing your opinion sometimes. Thats probably why I like to tease you.
      So dont take it so seriously, my little mermaid.

  • Pointless march. Looks like a bunch of mindless sheep, many of whom probably don’t even know what they’re marching for.

  • It doesn't offend me. Nor do I want a part of it. Everyone's free to march peacefully. Heck even the god damn EDL can protest or march if they like. Freedom of speech. Doesn't mean i wanna be a part of it.

    • The question was not asking if people can march or protest.

    • You asked my opinion, I gave it. You want something more specific then the issue is your question, not my answer.

  • I agree with almost nothing that these women actually are marching for. I think they degrade women and they're basically a laughing stock.
    I would've loved to march with right to life a few days ago.

  • Embarrassment to western civilization. Vagina hats? Seriously. No different than ancient phallic worship going on here. People are disgusting. While the rest of the civilized world laughs at us.

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  • With all due respect to those who support the protest, it’s basically “wolf-crying”. All of these protests social movements and hashtags that are supposedly against misogyny also show subtle misandry. What they are protesting against isn’t even misogynistic. What they want isn’t equality but gynocentrism.

    By now most people are familiar with the book “The boy who cried wolf.” In a similar way to how that book ends, people are starting to not take these protesters seriously anymore. Which means that if there is ever a case of actual misogyny, nobody will believe them anymore.

  • It's basically this

    I'm a woman, give me free shit, i'm a woman, I am better than you because i'm a woman, I am a woman, I want equal rights, but I am a woman so you should do everything for me whilst treating me equally.

  • Just a bunch of woman trying to break a system that already gives them more privilege than men. They just want more and more things cause they are selfish. Most are feminists who believe they are suprioir and deserve to live privilaged lives cause they are woman. Most of whom have been so hurt that they just hate man and spread hate.

  • There are plenty of reasons to march for women's rights - forced marriage, gender mutilation (though the West seems to forget it's often the matriarch of the family or community, rather than men, who inflict this medieval torture on their daughters); sexual harassment... The thing that grinds my gears is almost everything that is focussed on in these marches is already illegal. If you want change, protest against the failures in the legal system.

    I've also seen a few mentions about the men's equivalent. Well, 19th November is International Mens Day. Focus on inequality in divorce and child custody settlements, the lack of mens health clinics, supporting men with prostate and testicular cancer, raising awareness of the causes of male depression which have led to an increase in male suicides (80% of all suicides are men). And increasingly, the use of false sexual harassment or false rape claims to exact revenge (which has led to 3 convictions a week in the UK being overturned once the "victim"s social media is looked at. The most disgusting one the guy was in prispn for 2 years before the police reviewed the social media evidence and discovered she planned it weeks in advance and boasted about it in private messages to her girl friends). And the accusations of assault over trivial shit like a friend touching a knee accidentally 20 years ago. Which can ruin a guys career, marriage or relationship with their kids. It led to the suicide of a welsh politician last year. This year's one might have something to say about slut shaming men after a bad date or bad sex. Take the actor who was humiliated by babe. net for being lousy in the bedroom department (yeah I know he's a douche but seriously...).

  • Question: How do these marches, protests, etc. get brought up and accepted by the city? Maybe I wanna grab hundreds or thousands of people and march down the avenues.
    My opinion on women's march: I think it's a feminist, man-hating event. The part I always laugh at is that they are actually embarrassing their own gender. Wearing vagina hats, using "period blood" nail polish, and flashing anti-male signs is something to be proud of? That feels empowering? That will bring them more rights or privileges? Haha.
    Next, women already have more rights than men. I can make an entire list if necessary. I have heard the speeches and what women scream at that event. It's a man-hating group. They wanna make men slaves.
    Finally, how come we never have a "Men's March"? Men deserve one too. I know that we will not be wearing dick hats or screaming anti-women phrases. We know what is wrong with our society and have ideas on how to make lives greater for both genders. I would definitely go to that if it ever takes place in my city.

    • Guess there would be vagina hats and breasts at men's march too ;) that's just what feels right for a men's march^^

      You offered to write a list of female rights. There are rights, yes, please list them. :)

    • @Sucram Ok, the word "Rights" is not what I should've used. I was thinking about a bunch of things that women have 'Advantage' over men. And some of them do include rights. I posted the list in a conversation on a different source a few days ago. I don't feel like creating a new one or rewriting it, so here's a 'Copy & Paste' of it:
      1. Men get abused just as much as women. But because of double standards, a lot of cases go unreported. And some get thrown in the trash. And abuse on women gets taken way more seriously.
      2. Man almost never win custody of a child and his belongings (including money) during divorce. She has the right to choose basically.
      3. Paternity fraud. Men are often forced to pay alimony even if the child is not his. Never see the vise verso.
      4. Man is always guilty until proven innocent while the woman is the opposite. If a man can't prove his innocence, it's jailtime. If a man can't prove that she's guilty, she's free.

    • 5. Man loses his job from an assault/harassment accusation before he has the opportunity to say something and before an investigation is done. False rape accusations are way more common than people think.
      6. There is far less support for male issues such as cancer, shelter, depression, etc.
      7. Man is considered at fault for anything bad that happens in this world. Any mistake a woman does is not her fault.
      8. Men are given 63% longer jail/prison sentences for the same crime.
      9. There is no wage gap. Men choose tougher positions which obviously pay a higher salary.
      10. Men get less educational support thus more likely to drop out.
      11. Women demand more only if it benefits them and nothing for men. They demand free birth control even though it's not necessary to live healthy.

  • I remember when people and protesters would act decently in public. I think many men don't support these women because of the hysteria

    If you are fighting for things men can respect and agree on, we will help you win that battle, like men did in the past. All these topless ladies, just look trashy and discredit all the women in these marches and for whatever reasons they marched.

  • Not enough male tax payer money going to female welfare and female student loans huh?
    I dont wanna have to give men free sex to have myself taken care of. Eewww that's gross. There's not enough men equal to my beauty, salary, career and social status.
    Better get big daddy government's attention. What should i do? Take my diapers off and whine and cry in the middle of the street.
    Life is so unfair.

  • I think it's pretty stupid when girls/women complain about female rights and then they go out in public talking about their body parts like their vagina or showing their breasts in public. Is it not stupid that one of the issues about feminism and women's rights is how men treat women and objectify women sexually? Then why show up to a rally or act like a lone-wolf and do stupid shit like that alone?

    I am not saying this about all women but I know that women, in general, tend to be very catty and can backbite and talk shit about others (even her own friends). Again, I am not saying this about all women but I question where these movements are going. Trust me, if I was a CEO of a company I would make sure minorities and women have rights just as much as a white man does, I would make sure my employees are happy, that women are getting paid properly and I would take pay cuts out of my salary to give to others because of their hard work in the company.

    See that's me, women can't point the finger and say ALL men are horrible, I don't care if a woman or man is a prime minister or president of a country, but power can get into anyone's head. Look at how some of the top female celebrities behave, they act like divas. Power in anyone's hands and not controlled properly can have grave consequences.

    • For example, abortion, I'm against abortion and there's a rule by God that insists if the child breaths a certain amount of breaths after x-amount of months it is not considered a good thing. Religion does not frown upon abortions if done soon enough but even then DO NOT HAVE SEX WITH A GUY... how hard is that? Geez. Why should guys be blamed for everything, i'm sick of it... it gets annoying.

  • You have more rights to your front yard than a women does to her personal choices or get vagina.

    I would be rightfully put in jail if I were to seed other people's yards and homes to grow food, and the owner could rightfully remove what I did.

    There's more to it than that, but generally if you don't know what they're protesting and rely on arguing with people online who tell you what's going on too feel better about your ignorance, you're a loser.

  • Who the hell cares? Lets be brutally honest this march isn't going to do anything at all, especially not with those kinds of women marching in one.

    And the last march they did, half the women didn't even know why they were actually there lol.

  • It looks like a bunch of spoiled kids who want more just because they have a vagina instead of a penis.
    Not only that, but they go around naked, and most importantly they shows a clear hostility toward men, and want to be looked at "an army".
    All I see here are people who doesn't want equality, but power. Using feminism as an excuse to steps on men and be on top.

    • Also it kinda heartwarming to see most women don't fell for it. Maybe there is a future for the real feminism, once this joke is finally over.

  • A joke not to be taken seriously.
    I honestly don't see how anyone can question President Trump's mentality and then support this circus show with a straight face.

  • @Hyped_up_on_coffee It's funny how u assumed. Its almost like I have studied nothing but economics. The Malthusian theory is flawd in this sense u know that right? The irresponsible people who have an X amount of kids they can't afford are usually lacking in education maybe America should try fix that first. If u can ever justified killing babies, then there is no love in u. My opinion.

  • Mostly this comes from the US, and it's The March for Netanyahu,, ruled by the Democratic Party and other establishment women, other fanatics and opportunists, and generally women who either slept with Harvey Weinstein, or wanted to.

    The concerns of working class women and men will be ignore, the fate of women bombed by the US and it’s proxies not ever mentioned.

  • It's dumb. Four other presidents won the election without the popular vote. You don't vote for a president, the electoral college does and more than half of the states' electoral colleges don't have to go with the popular vote of that state.

  • They are fools.

    Trump has done a great job at getting the economy booming, getting unemployment rate down to very low numbers, record low numbers for black Americans, getting the upper hand on ISIS, and putting more money in people's pockets from tax cuts.

    People sometimes get an obsession in their heads and don't realize when it makes them cuckoo.

  • It's a shit test, literally. It's like when a girl starts giving you crap over something she shouldn't.

    To pass, you calmly refuse to put up with it, the same way if a 5 year old was throwing a fit. To lose, you comply and say you respect them.

  • And they call trump loco 😂😂 look at this locos do I need vagina hats and costumes to make my voice heard?

    I have more important thing to do with my time

  • My question is what where they protesting the first time? Also must get expensive for George soros to be paying so many people to march down the street screaming and making an ass out of themselves. Wonder why he does it.

  • In the words of Peter Griffin.


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