Break Up & Divorce

Break Up & Divorce

Want to know how to deal with a messy break up? Are you having issues after your divorce, or need help determining if you need one? Ask away!


Confessions of the Wrongly Accused: Emotional Abuse in Relationships

My take, is one from both an abstract and subjective point of view. Here I sit, bewildered and betwixt, angered and longing; loving and hating..... For I have a label...... A label that is haunting and terrifying, however...


You Are The Reason Your Relationship Ended

How many of us have a difficult time reflecting on our actions; knowing that we could have done so much better in our past relationship? Perhaps, if we looked at ourselves sooner the outcome would have been different;...


Time Heals, Does It? Nope, It's You

I will start with a story about my own personal experience. I met a guy, we fell in love - or at least I thought so, then he broke my heart. A simple and very shortened version of this so typical love story. I knew he was...


Divorced Couples Living Together: Interesting or Crazy?

I think it's very interesting. I hadn't known that this was possible before. But I found out that when people get divorced and they have kids, the visitation and custody schedules are only for the minimum amount of the...


16 Songs To Help You Deal With Heartbreak

Almost everyone I know has been through heartbreak in some way. Whether it's a significant other, a friend, a sibling or a parent who broke your heart, it's all equally painful and the sense of loss can sometimes be...


Why My Bisexuality Didn't Ruin My Relationship

I was in a relationship with a woman who's sixteen years older than me. She never knew I'm sixty percent straight and forty percent gay. She was so experienced in sex and was very attractive for her age so... That's what...


13 Simple Tips That Will Help You Close Your Relationship Chapter for Good

I'm not a professional, I'm not very experienced, the only relationship I had was purely online and lasted only 8 months but my feelings were real and genuine. These things helped me move on and turn the page, so maybe...


Dear Serial Cheater: Goodbye, I've Forgiven Myself

You thought I could forgive you, you thought it was okay now, you had learned your lesson. You even said you forgave yourself! But the truth is I have never been able to forgive you, because I can't seem to forgive...


How My Very Emotional Breakup Taught Me Valuable Life Lessons

I just ended things with my boyfriend who I was dating for a year. Even though our relationship did not last very long, he was still my first love. It was, and still is, so hard because the reason for our break up was...


My Break-Up Story: Need to Get a Few Things Off My Chest

So I was in a relationship for about 8 months and we just broke up because he's "unhappy" and he can't accept who I am when we're not hanging out. He said it's an awful relationship online. However, it was "amazing" when...


Falling in Love With a Depression Victim: Our Story

I use the term victim loosely, because I know none of the sufferers are victims, but survivors, and that is 100% true. But as I have recently experienced, when two teenagers with the same issues fall in love, it is a...


In Retort, 10 Helpful Upbeat Break-Up Songs To Get You On Feet

After reading the Take by @EllieLexis513 5 Break Up Songs By Female Artists I couldn't help but think there are a lot more up beat and less lamenting break up songs out there. I'd like to point out I'm not belittling her...


To The One I Love, I'm Closing Our Chapter: A Poem of Loss

We started off so strong A ball of flames upon a book I put your words upon my page I didn't take another look You said forever As I looked you in the eye Now forever might be never And I have to say goodbye Oh, sweet...


When Your Romeo is Your Rosaline: The Pain of Unrequited Love

Romeo and Juliet is arguably one of Shakespeare's most memorable and recognizable plays. Everyone remembers the star-crossed lovers, young Romeo Montague and Juliet Capulet, forever in love. People dream of having a love...


5 Songs To Help You Through The Break-Up Blues (Female Artist Edition)

The last time I spoke to my ex was April 30th before he walked out of my apartment. He never contacted me again. No message, no phone call, not even a ‘we are done’. Just…ghost. Since then, I’ve been trying to figure out...


My Greatest Regret: I Never Got to Say "I Love You"

He was a boy. I was a girl. As Avril LaVigne would say, "can I make it anymore obvious?" Apparently, you could with me and this guy. Let's just say, we were pretty clueless that one liked the other at first. We met in the...


One Final Letter to The Man I Loved: I've Outgrown You

Basically, I am letting go of my first ex, since he decided to date my friend, and wanted to keep me as his side chick. (I did not continue to sleep with him after I found out he had a girlfriend, my friend). But first I...


Why I'm not ashamed to be that girl who never got over her ex!

Don't get me wrong, when I say I'm not over my ex it's not in the stalker crazy way. It just means what he and I had was special and I choose to hold onto it. I truly believe that holding onto the hope that this love...


An Open Letter To The Girl Who Broke The Man I Love

Hi there. I don't know if you know who I am , or if some people have whispered my name into your ear. I often wonder if you know about me and if you know that I have been the one who has been holding him when you left him...


It Hurts To Be Without You

I am left all alone, with nothing but heartache. It hurts so bad. I feel like I am dying internally. My heart can't take it anymore. This once strong organ has grown so weak, I slump over to the side succumbing to my...


Why You Should Not Get Back With Your Ex!

We all dream of the day our ex will come back, pleading for us to take them back. We dream of how they will accept responsibility for their actions, how they would apologize and admit they made the biggest mistake of...


To Confess Or Not To Confess: I Cheated On You, What Now?

There are two different forms of cheating: Emotional and Physical Emotional cheating - A bond between two people that mimics the closeness and emotional intimacy of a romantic relationship while never being physically...


Finding True Happiness

“Whoever is happy will make others happy too. He who has courage and faith will never perish in misery”. –Anne Frank Real happiness comes from the heart and it is connected to our choices. We are the product of our...


The Beauty Of Forgiveness

There are unseen ropes that connect us to every activity in life. Some of the events are very terrible to look back at, while some brings us joy each time we remember them. But these connections ensure that we get rewards...


Former love interest got married today and all I feel is freedom and relief

I was very close to him for about six months. We talked, flirted and constantly texted each other. It fizzled out in May last year and by December he was engaged to another girl. I thought I'd hate his fiancee but I...


Relationships Are Not Accomplishments And Breaking Up Isn’t A Failure!

I was wasting time at work today falling down an internet rabbit hole and came across an article titled “Questions you need to ask before you get married”. For the most part, I agreed with what was being put forward – it...


Getting Back With A Former Boyfriend (Not An Ex- There's A Difference)

It's kind of funny how people are so negative towards you getting back with a former boyfriend, like it's some sort of taboo, like you're stupid, naiive, and desperate for even thinking of getting back together. But...


Managing Your Emotions

We cannot get rid of Emotions, but we can manage them. Emotions are part of our everyday lives; they come as we pass through our daily activities. It could come in the form of having a good laugh or feeling frustrated in...


Breakup Survival 101

Breakups can be devastating, especially when you loved and cared for someone so deeply. You have been rejected and the relationship is over. This won't be the last time this happens if love is what you seek. Every break...


Be Patient In Your Relationship

Love and relationships are journeys we all embark on, we never can tell what the road looks like, unless we are familiar with the journey. To be familiar, experience comes in. It is good not just to throw away your...


Be Grateful In Little Things

Gratitude means thankfulness, counting your blessings, noticing simple pleasures, and acknowledging everything that comes your way. The act of gratefulness also means learning to live your life as if everything were a...


Motivating Your Partner

We feel unloved when our partners do things that are inconsiderate. In truth everyone needs love, we long for it, we dream for, and we fall for it. But love always fades out without motivation. Couples also feel...


Breakup Songs From Her To Him

Having a bad time with your guy? This is some girl power for you. 1. Can't Pin Me Down - Marina and The Diamonds Marina marina marina MARINA, queen Marina, her feminist anthem cheer us up. You can't play with a girl,...


The Break Up Grief

There are a lot of people who feel when you break up with someone, you should just let them go and never look back, and the next day practically you should be ready to bounce right back out there and on to the dating...


Microship: What It’s Like To Get Dumped By Someone You’re Not Even Dating

“Microship (n) : an emotional but more often sexual association between two people lasting between 1 to 48 hours” Ok, let’s face the facts: dating is hard. From the confusion of how to DTR (“define the relationship”) to...


The truth about the no contact rule

Many people may have heard about the no contact rule and that it is the first you do in the process to get back together with your ex. the no contact rule means you have no contact at all with you ex for a certain amount...


How To Cure A Broken Heart

To go through a breakup is one of the hardest things you could ever put your heart through. It feels like you will never be okay again, and you just want to rip away from reality and fly to a different universe where you...


Fun Things Singles Should do❣!!! 🚹 🚺

SINGLE?(✔️) PARTY TIME!!? YES!! You don't have to Party like the Gatsby haha! ✔️ Sleepover at friends house can be just as much fun! Video games ✔️ Food✔️ Movies✔️ Workout! Have fun play your song and jog at your own...


5 Signs You Should Break Up

These are signs that you should reconsider when it comes to your relationship. 1. Abuse This one seems like a no brainer. If you are being physically or...


4 Reasons You're Still Not Over Your Ex

1. Stalking him/her on social media This is a big no-no! Stalking your ex on social media won't help you at all. I know, we’re all guilty of stalking our exes at one point or another. But If you can’t help yourself, try...