What do men mean by they like "short and petite" women?

Realistically, 85% of women aren't short, only 15% of women are. I hardly ever see that many women under 5'2, in fact thats usually the cutoff in my opinion for actually being short as thats one standard deviation from average. Most women are 5'2+, but what do men mean by "short and petite?" I assume its relative as a 5'8 woman is "short and petite" to a tall man, but not other guys. So what is the height range? Statistically speaking the average height for a woman in the USA and other countries is 5'4 this means that any women 5'3 and up is not considered short by definition. 5'2 women are a little bit short, but its kind of the height thats in between average and short in my opinion. So by "short and petite" I'm assuming its mostly 5'2 - 5'7 women that fall into this as that is most category but majority of these women aren't by definition short. I dont know
What do men mean by they like "short and petite" women?
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