My friend told me she thinks my love life is cursed?

i am so sick of not getting the guy.
my first boyfriend was my best friend -we just decided it made sense to date.
my next was the guy who turned me down’s brother.
the next was the best friend of the guy that i actually liked.
my last boyfriend was the only guy who could make me smile after the guy who shattered my last thread of hope by sleeping with me for two years just to disappear.

i guess i stopped looking after that.
but i promised myself there was no point in dating if i couldn’t get a guy that i actually initially like.
a guy i look at and get nervous and excited. a guy i get giddy talking to. and someone i want to know about.

because their friend or someone like them is great and usually easier to talk to but i always wind up dumping them wondering why i bother when i knew from the start that i was just deciding to date them rather than wanting it.

and finally -it took me years to find this guy -four years to find someone who sparked all of these things and now that he's single, he’s moved away before we could even begin. and i’m so tired of this.

why can't i ever just get the guy i like most?
is this everyone? is everyone just settling a little bit? or am i actually f*cking horrible


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  • Well if you are serious, u can message me. I wanna know where u live


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