Why is it harder for men to work things out with a cheater?


I've never cheated on anyone and I'm not a forgiving woman either but I've noticed differences in the genders:

From a couple observations, it's almost impossible for the male to get past that. Even if he stays with her, he never really recovers. In women, some of them would want to work things as long as he doesn't admit loving the other woman more than her.

If a man cheats on a woman, he can do the BS of showering her with gifts, do his smooth talking technique and tried convincing her. He has a 50% chance she'll take him back. But if we cheat on a man, good luck trying to buy him an expensive liquor, cooking his favorite meal or using BS words. He won't listen to any of that BS. In his mind, nothing takes away the fact that she cheated and let another guy touch her. The woman probably has a 10-20% chance he'll take her back. If he actually walked in on her cheating, that greatly reduces it to a 1-3% chance.

I want to understand the male mind. Why is it harder for men (more than women) to work things out with a cheater?

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Many people won't take back cheaters but even among the few people that reconcile with their cheating partner, more women than men are willing to work things out.
Why is it harder for men to work things out with a cheater?
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