My boyfriend wants me to go gym with him.. does he not like my body or find me attractive? Im so upset?

Me and my boyfriend been together for over a year
he's into fitness - he goes gym regularly
Whereas im the opposite.. I hardly go gym nowadays
So today we were talking on the phone and this was some of our conversation:
Him: "babe im taking you to the gym with me.. probably starting next week"
Me: "what.. why?"
Him: "because I want you to come with me.. and plus there's girls in the gym. If they come up to me, then you'll be there and I will just come to you. This happened to me before"
Me: "What am i going to do if im there if a girl comes up to you?"
Him: "See if you're there, no girls would come up to me. I would be with you. Everyone would know your my girlfriend. Or ill just kiss you infront of everyone"
Me: "hmm yeah ok"
Him: "You have to come with me next week. At least once a week please"
Me: "why do you want me to go so badly?"
Him: "because I want you to be more active. And I want to share with you my hobby. I want you to become part of it as well. Gym is my hobby. I just need you. I just want to spend more time with you. And plus its for yourself as well. You would feel so much better about yourself. Like, have seen yourself in the mirror? What do you see? What do you like to improve? I know you think you're body is not perfect. Do you want to improve your ass, your front, shape your arms?"
Me: "Idk maybe all of it"
Him: "Then come gym. After coming few times, you would look in the mirror and think that youve gone hot"
What does all of this mean? I was going to ask if he doesn't like my body but then I would cry if he said he doesn't.
Did his responses mean he doesn't like my body? And he doesn't find me attractive?
Then why would he want me to go gym with him when he knows mostly everyone at the gym? And if he doesn't like my body, why is he with me still?
And when he tells me about the girls in the gym and the spending more time together are they all excuses for me to go gym?
Im so friken annoyed and upset 馃様
He doesn't like your body
He does like your body
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My boyfriend wants me to go gym with him.. does he not like my body or find me attractive? Im so upset?
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