What can you do when you can’t be rational with your parents?

Long story short, they’re mad that I moved out into my boyfriends parents home. I did this partially to move on with my boyfriend and also because my parents were looking down on me and discouraging.

I made a mistake in not telling them before hand, and also when they came to the house, yelling and pounding on the doors, I didn’t know how to react or what to do. I just know it ended with my boyfriends mom calling he cops. I regret that. I told them I was sorry and all.

But ts been a year year since I left and they still aren’t happy. I asked my mom and dad if we can meet up up at a restaurant And spend time together. All my dad says is I’m slowly turning into a fuck up. That I should quit my job and I’d thank myself later, despite that I pay bills

I then tried rationalizing with them. I spoke to my dad about how I’m working night shifts, that I’m doing good in school and learning. I told them our communication is bad and that I’d improve on that and wouldn’t give up but I wouldn’t change myself to move back home. He responds with “I was there for you since you were born!!!”
As if he didn’t read my text,

then my mom stsrting texting telling me “quit telling your dad this stuff, you’re hurting him! I don’t care if you talk to me anymore or don’t. You betrayed us and left us for that family”

I never left them at all and I sent a supportive text. I pleaded my dad to listen to what I would like for once and all he says is “maybe you should listen to us.” I've been visiting them constantly, making them a priority. They stress my boyfriend and I out and I’ve become so emotional.


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