Editor of the Month + Top 5 myTakes of January!

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Hi, everyone!

We are very excited to announce Editor of the Month once again! For those who may be new to the site, each month we reward one Editor based on their myTakes during that month. The criteria we look for are Editors who create unique, interesting, and engaging myTakes that our community loves!

Editor of the Month + Top 5 myTakes of January!
As usual, we will be posting the links to the winner's three most popular myTakes of the month and we also share five of the community's favorites from other members as well! These myTakes are chosen based on view count as well as what the community engaged with the most.

We have numerous Editors who consistently produce quality content so it's not always easy to select a winner! However, this Editor put in a lot of work and it paid off! We are very excited to announce Editor of the Month for January is: @PrincessPie

Editor of the Month + Top 5 myTakes of January!

She wins a $25 Amazon gift card! This member has written tons of awesome myTakes on so many different topics, but especially dating and relationships. Her myTakes have consistently garnered much attention from other members here on the site.

Here are three of her most popular myTakes from January:

Love At First Sight DOES NOT Exist.

Why I Think Women and Men Can't Be "Just Friends"

"Most" Women Love A Gentleman

Combined, these myTakes were able to grab 328 Opinions and 4,567 views so far! Congratulations, PrincessPie!

And here are 5 other myTakes that were popular in the community during January:

What I Wish People Knew About Feminism -by @psychoticallyawkward

Yes, Racial Dating Preferences Are Racist -by Anonymous

Reasons Why Bad Boys Are so Irresistible to Good Girls -by @Katherine1105

The Sexism of the English Language -by @cipher42

How to React to Girls on Their Periods -by @Aguysopinion4799

As always, there were tons of other Editors who also did well in January that we would like to give a shoutout to:












Thank you to all of our myTake writers! We appreciate you all and the awesome myTakes you share with GirlsAskGuys! :)

Editor of the Month + Top 5 myTakes of January!
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  • loveslongnails
    There are lots of great editors... you all do a great job. Congratulations to PrincessPie... I do love her questions !!
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Most Helpful Girl

  • PrincessPie
    Yay! :) Thank you so much.
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  • Being_a_good_Indian

    @PrincessPie Congratulations. As predicted. 😊


    I had written My Take getting inspiration from you. Check it out.

    We Can Fight Against Human Trafficking ↗

    My question to Admin Panel.

    Why GirlsAskGuys Permit member post?



    Why GirlsAskGuys Encourage Nude sharing?

    One of the Editor of GirlsAskGuys Community.

    Why calling someone creepy don't violate any terms of GirlsAskGuys?


    Thanks for your understanding and clarifying.

    Editor of the Month + Top 5 myTakes of January!
    • Thank You So Much for Creating Wonderful Community. We Wholeheartedly Thank Tolga Tanriseven, Menguc Tanriseven, Nergiz Tanriseven, Ozge Yilmaz, Solange Gonzalez Ferrero, Asli Efe, Umit Yurtseven, Trip Goodloe, Leandro Oscar Mencias, Ayse Cook, Sebastian Barrionuevo, Gizem Alken, Halit Sertac Uzun, Aybuke Berber Senkan, Cagla Altinok, Jen Heil, O'Brien Capital LLC. and various other people associated with GirlsAskGuys Community.

      @tolga @eldba @argie @DiogoRibeiro

    • @fiego @menguc @RedRain @fyodorovna

      Suggestions :

      Please remove such offensive Posts. It's internet and anyone can post anything. It becomes responsibility of Admins to remove such posts. Nothing happens to the users. It affects Goodwill of the website. We also strive to keep GirlsAskGuys Community Helpful Community. Moderators, Super Moderators and Uber Moderators should also be monitored. Underage Moderators should be removed from Moderation Team.

      Thanks for your understanding.
      Being a Good Indian.
      Happy G@GER.

  • just_tired
    Thank you for the shoutout :) and congrats @PrincessPie ! Editor of the Month + Top 5 myTakes of January!
  • BeeNee
    Well done @PrincessPie and thank you for the mention GaG.
  • themetalhead
    thanks for the shout out! XD congrats to @PrincessPie you made some awesome takes
  • edmonton
    YAY @PrincessPie you go girl!! Keep up the awesome work :)
  • Awesome!!! Congrats!
  • MrMysteryMan
    Congrats @PrincessPie
  • Jan_Classic
    Hey congrats, editors!
  • FadedGrenade
    Yay i got a shoutout
    Congrats @PrincessPie !!!
  • Aguysopinion4799
    Congratulations everyone <3
  • Katherine1105
    Thank you!
  • kimberleylove
    Congrats @PrincessPie
  • FatherJack
    @PrincessPie... deserved IMHO !
  • stillagoodgirl
    The month sure did fly by fast
  • johari
  • BackAgain
    Hip hip hooray
  • Witchhaven17
    Fuck this
  • Chrysis
    Hmm, not my cup of tea, but I see.
  • Political_dude
  • Nora_Sutherlin
    Congratulations @PrincessPie
  • cupidkisses
  • SketchForger
    Huh, nice!
  • Coconut_Man
    Congratulations to @PrincessPie. 👏
  • GoodGuyBreakingBad
    Thanks for sharing your MyTake very well written.
  • disgustingweebtrash
    Interesting myTake
  • CT_CD
    Thank you.
  • Chantel77
    Nice work everyone
  • LegateLanius
  • Waffles731
    Yeah I got mentioned
  • Adityab23
    Congrats princess pie
  • Nice222
  • DanFlingwing
    feet fingers
  • fredrick89
    So when the party started
  • Anonymous
    hooray for princesspie!
  • Anonymous
    Nice work everyone
  • Anonymous
    Number of views and number of opinions don't make a mytake good, most of the cited ones provide zero facts while instead using controversial arguments to troll the community, maybe if you actually read them you would have noticed. Such a waste of talent from the actual good editors.

    Go read @FadedGrenade that's an editor, then come back with some sense, cause this month's editor made none.
    • My takes are not always about facts though, its also about peoples opinions and what they think, even if you "disagree" with it, and there is no need to go round thumbing down everyone who said congratulations to me, just because you didn't like my My takes.

      Also you may be Anon but i'm pretty sure i know who you're, so maybe instead of hiding you should of just had the guts to say that with hiding yourself, your opinion is fine, but there is no need to thumb down someone having manners and saying congratulations to someone just because you don't like the person who has wrote the Mytakes lol.

    • I thumb people up if i agree with there opinion or they answer my question yes, never knew being nice to people was such a bad thing lol.

    • I upvote everyone

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