Top Questions Asked by Guys on Breaking Up

GAG is all about what goes on between girls and guys. These relationships are all unique yet have many things in common. We've noticed one of these common themes in questions that get asked on GaG are about 'breaking up'.

We know that a break up can be a challenging time. Losing someone you care about can even be traumatizing, confusing and debilitating. That's why so many GAGers going through a rough break up come online to look for solace, advice, some perspective and compassion. Here are the top questions guys asked on breaking up this past week, and just check out all the sage advice and support you had to offer fellow members. Breaking up just got a wholelot easier with back up like GAG.

Top Questions Asked by Guys on Breaking Up

1. Girlfriend is trash talking and wants to break up with me. What should I do?

by @Anonymous in Break Up & Divorce

"Just break up with her, even if she was venting... that's inappropriate."

Opinion by @zorro8888

2. After breakup, found out my ex girlfriend was seeing someone during the times we were still together. Confront her about it or no?

by @chaocpf in Break Up & Divorce

"Confronting her really won't make you feel any better, and it won't change the situation. There are women out there who won't lie or cheat on you, I promise... and you deserve someone like that, as long as you believe you do, too"

Opinion by @bluesy33

3. Girls, would you break up with "the one"?

by @Anonymous in Break Up & Divorce

"I've been in this situation and I found it incredibly hard to leave (though he ended up leaving in the end). I always tried for us, but there were times where I seriously considered leaving him, I just couldn't leave him though. I'd left other guys before him with relative ease, he was a special one."

Opinion by @Hannah591

4. Girls, the least painful way to break up?

by @den1219 in Relationships

"There is no least painful way. It always hurts the same whether through text or in person. There's the cowardly way and there's brave and upfront."

Opinion by @Katastrophy

5. I caught my girlfriend sending nudes to another guy, should I break up? What should I do?

by @Anonymous in Relationships

"The only reason she is sorry is because she got caught. I really doubt this is a one time thing. The odds of you just happening to catch her the first time she did something like this is very low. If anything she erases the evidence off her phone every time she does it. There are even apps that erase everything after a certain number of hours so people don't have to worry about forgetting to erase the evidence."

Opinion by @heavensgift2girls

6. Girls, would you break up with your boyfriend if he was sterile?

by @Anonymous in Relationships

"If I was older and it was a serious relationship I would be upset at first. But I think that if I truly loved him I would stay. It's not his fault that he is sterile."

Opinion by @Bandnerd9

7. Why did you break up from your previous relationship?

by @Anonymous in Relationships

"I broke up with my ex because he was very obsessive, complaining, over-posessive and lazy. I guess I called it off because I figured that I wanted different things from life and so did he."

Opinion by @mithramitzmittu

8. Friends asking out my Ex-girlfriend is that ok or bad?

by @ProtossX in Guy's Behavior

"A real friend will respect that she was your girlfriend."

Opinion by @rockaholic

9. How to break the news to her?

by @Anonymous in Relationships

"The more you get upset and try to pull her back, the more desprate and unattractive you will become. The best thing you can do is just let her go, man up and move on."

Opinion by @Perpligued

10. How do you deal with a breakup?

by @vincehb12 in Break Up & Divorce

"For now, take it slow, focus on you. You need this time to allow Time to heal all wounds, which somehow, eventually happens."

Opinion by @Paris13

As you can see there are so many different elements to breaking up and not one story is the same, yet they all share the same sense of urgency, heartbreak or betrayal. Breaking up is something almost everyone goes through, at one time or another but it's great when you have a place to come to and ask the lingering questions you may have about your break up.

Why not ask a question now? Or give your advice on these scenarios. You never know, you might just find yourself in the same situation some day...So take a look at these wise myTakes members have written that might help get you through one. We even have an interview with an expert!

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  • During a break up always remind yourself that women are a commodity best rented than owned. Thank her for the good times and move on. I'm 35 and no stud, but the one thing I know about all of my ex-girlfriends is that they are now fat and ugly, while I still have the one thing I would not have if I had stayed with any one of them, and that is a bank account.


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  • Thanks for that


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  • Girls don't get heart breack because they have no hearts 😝
    Just kidding both are so sad if they have to face this😑 bit it will give good lessons 😃

  • That was gooooooooddddd. I'll keep that in mind when I begin dating.

  • Good collection. :)

  • Break up with The One? But I have a long sword.

  • Perfect :))


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