I went from preferring men to be older than me to liking younger boys now - discussing how my taste has changed over the years

I’m 24, turning 25 this year (in fact this month) and my whole life I always thought I liked older men. I had a long term relationship...
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What men really want in a relationship?

1. Men seek honesty Men want to trust their partners and they want that trust reciprocated. If you ever think to yourself that there is...
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Why rejection is a good thing!

Well I'm on a two hour train ride ... so let's do a myTake. (On my phone, without my research and after years of not writing any...
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When you and your SO have a disagreement or conflict, what's more important: deciding who is at fault or getting the problem resolved?

Not many couples actually put on boxing gloves and spar or "duke it out," but most couples recognize the feeling in this picture....
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Dopamine VS Oxytocin... How do these enzymes affect relationships the most among the four happiness chemicals?

Happiness in the human brain is translated chemically through four enzymes: Dopamine, Oxytocin, Serotonin, and endorphins. yet the two...
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How To Set A Romantic Dinner Table for Your Partner

You've got a good flirtation going and things are getting better and better. You think it's finally the right time for the big day and...
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The truth is far better than the most beautiful of lies

Honesty in my opinion is always the best policy for ninety five percent of all matters, especially dealing with matters of the heart....
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Is it ok to find love elsewhere?

I'm going to travel again. I'm getting tired of the gender wars, nothing but sex taking over, dishonest, lies and poor quality people in...

I worry too much about my wife?

Every time she goes out, she goes to work, or just goes to the shop for shopping I am always anxious and can’t focus on anything… Anyone...

If your partner was the opposite gender would you be friends with them?

For science cause my boyfriend said no💀
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Am I wrong for telling my obese girlfriend to loose weight?

I don’t have an issue with my girlfriend being fat. Actually, I have a fat girl fetish. Every time I see a fat girl with giant boobs my...
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Inexperienced at approach to crush 🤓🥺 help girls🙏?

I was an introvert and had little to no experience talking to girls for more than 3 mins... I can do small talk though. Talking to...
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What's better, slow relationship or fast relationship?

What's better, a slow relationship or a fast relationship?
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My boyfriend is not romantic enough. Is this just the way he is? Or is it me that expecting too much from him?

We've been together for 1 month and it is a quite new relationship but I feel that he is not romantic to me. Is this normal in our 1st...
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Would you stay in a relationship w/ a woman that wasn't physically attractive?

Maybe she was attractive at one time but got old, fat etc.

Why do some women keep going back to losers?

Especially after having several bad experiences with them? PORTLAND, Maine – Jeffrey Buchannan, a 36-year-old man from Massachusetts,...
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